storiesfromneweden asked:

Isn't generalizing cishets like... a survival strategy... cause you never know if they're bigoted or not and it's safer to assume they are.

cishits answered:

Yup! For a lot of trans folk it is a survival strategy.

Every time I meet a cishet person my first thought it “this might be the one that physically attacks me or kills me” and until they prove to me that they are safe and trans friendly do I start considering trusting them. Sometimes even the ones who call themselves trans allies are not safe.

Cishet ppl are literally a threat to our well being so it really is safer to not trust them at all. Considering 1 in 12 trans ppl will be murdered by cis ppl.

This is why cis ppl saying things like “stop generalizing us!! its just as bad as hating trans ppl!!” is such bullshit and horrible. They’re basically saying “My feelings are more important then you keeping yourself safe from physical and emotional harm!!”

Cis ppl hold their hurt feelings over our lives all the time. Which is why we are scared. Why we generalize to keep ourselves safe.

Sorry for the rant there but this is an important thing!! I hope you have a good day buddy uou



Even cis non-monosexual, monosexual, and asexual ppl are unsafe to be around if you’re trans. *hides in a hole*

Isn’t it heterosexist/monosexist to assume everyone is het? but I guess it’s about safety, tho, so it’s prob not.